Games: Mission: Space Race

Have you ridden Mission: Space at Epcot? If you have, what were you thinking the last time you squeezed your way out of your X-2 Rocket and walked into the post-ride area, known as the Advanced Training Lab?

Actually, don’t tell me, let me guess! Was it one of the following things?

  1. How am I going to get my kids through another gift shop without my ears bleeding when they ask me to buy them stuff?
  2. When does our Soarin’ fastpass window open again?
  3. Was that Gary Sinese’s real hair?

If one of those describes your last visit, you may just have been too busy to notice Mission: Space Race, a very entertaining game that awaits you in the Advanced Training Lab. It only takes about 10 minutes to play, so it won’t interrupt your regularly scheduled park touring for long. Plus, the wait is rarely long (if any) because the game can accommodate so many players at the same time.

Unlike many of the interactive games you can play around WDW, you don’t play this game on your own or in a very small group. You play on one of two teams with all the players playing cooperatively with all the other people on their team. The games can start with a handful of people, but it is much more fun with the full complement of several dozen or more people on each team.

Mission Control game console

Mission Control game console

If you choose to play, you can take up one of two different roles. You take one of the four astronaut positions at the front of the game area or one of the many mission control consoles on the lower part of the game floor. You can play for team Triton or team Orion, the two ships racing from Mars to the Space Station.

Astronaut player console

Astronaut player console

There are four astronauts on each team. Each astronaut is assigned a color, and then they use their controls to move modules of their color around the ship to complete various repairs.

Mission Control mini-game screen

Mission Control mini-game screen

Each time the ship’s repair status reaches 100%, it’s time for the astronauts to press their ship’s enormous BOOST button. This moves the ship further along its route toward your destination.

Boost button

Boost button (admit it, you want to press that, don't you?)

The team that posts the best team efficiency ratings and boosts their ship to the ultimate destination best is declared the winner at the end of the game. I really think the game itself is a lot of fun, and especially fun if you are playing in a large group and everyone gets into the spirit of the game.


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I'm a lifetime Disney Parks fan who recently (and coincidentally) found herself relocated to Central Florida. These are our adventures visiting the many attractions and exhibits that are all too easy to overlook in favor of the headliner and super-headliner attractions.
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