Games: Power City

Power City in action

Power City in action

Just after you ride Spaceship Earth, you will find yourself deposited into Project Tomorrow, SE’s post-ride room. Most people head straight for the big map to watch their ride photos appear there, but there’s a lot to do here that you might be missing.

Our favorite thing to do here is Power City, a game you play with shuffleboard-like paddles on a game board that is projected from overhead on the ground. Excluding any wait you might have (usually there is one group waiting at each game station for the current players to finish, and it’s sometimes basically a walk-up) the game will take you about five minutes. Our daughter has been able to participate in the game since her first trip when she was three years old, so there’s a good chance that even the littler members of your family can play this game and enjoy it.

The game accommodates two players at each station, each with their own paddle. Your job is to move the power produced by your power stations around to the places that need it. Different amounts of power are needed in different places, with higher-consumption areas needing up to four power bits each.

However, you have one green energy power station which produces power bits from renewable energy sources, and those bits of green power will serve the needs of any area that needs power, no matter how large their need is. (Hint: Use your green energy for power-hungry areas of the grid, which not only lets you serve more customers, but also gives you bonus points!)

At the end of the game, you will find out how many customers you served. We usually are able to power a city the size of New York when we play, but we have never achieved the top rank of Tokyo. Someday we’ll get it!


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