Games: The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Inside Innoventions West you will find many wonderful things: games, benches, air conditioning, exhibits, etc. While air conditioning in Central Florida is certainly worth its own post, today I’ll be talking about The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, a game sponsored by investment firm powerhouse T. Rowe Price.

The sign that welcomes you

The sign that welcomes you

To begin your own piggy bank adventure, just follow the signs inside Innoventions West until you see the piggy sign. Join the (usually quite short) queue and wait to be escorted inside to receive your instructions and piggy bank. During this introduction, you will choose a savings goal. You can pick from a bedroom makeover, a dream vacation, a college education, or retirement.

My daughter with our piggy bank

My daughter with our piggy bank

Once you finish the introduction, you are given your own piggy bank who will go with you through the three games that make up your savings adventure. There is a place on each game station to put him where he will track your savings and earnings as you play each game.

Your first game focuses on the concept of saving money. You have an income in the form of coins that fall from the top of the screen, and you must use a series of trampolines on the game screen to divert most of the income into your savings buckets instead of spending buckets (helpfully labeled with titles like “MP3s” to help you imagine the things you can spend money on instead of saving it.) This will also be your first encounter with the wolf, who acts as the villain in each game you play. He will come along and swap your savings buckets and spending buckets and you will need to change the angles of your trampolines to redirect the money into savings as the game progresses. Here is some video of us playing the first game:

Putting away the bank for game 2

Putting away the bank for game two

After completing the first game, you move along to the second game. This game focuses on the idea of inflation. You must direct a virtual copy of your piggy bank around a game screen using large levers you pull to the left or right. The piggy is capturing coins to add to your savings. As you progress, the wolf is also out on the game screen, zapping your coins with his inflation ray and decreasing their value!

Third game

Third game

The third game teaches you about savings, returns, diversification, and the risks of investing. Your coins are deposited into the middle of a bedroom on your game screen, and you must use special magnifying glasses to drag them from the pile into places around the room where you will hide them. Each area has a different multiplier from 2x to 5x and your piggy bank will encourage you to hide your coins in a variety of locations. He tells you this because after each round, the wolf (I hate that guy now! What a buzz kill he is!) will come in and steal some of the coins from a couple of the hiding places. When three rounds are over, the third and final game is done and you will progress to your piggy’s weigh in. That will be where you’ll find out if you have saved enough money to reach your goal.


Emailed Completion Certificate

When you get your results (and yes, it’s possible to miss your goal…the game isn’t a guaranteed win and the larger goals are harder to save for than the smaller ones) you will also have an opportunity to enter an email address to get a completion certificate and link to play the game at home emailed to you. You can play the game online whether you’ve visited it at Innoventions or not, in fact.

On the surface, the games are quite simple. They are all easy to play and are explained in terms that even smaller children can understand. However, the cleverness and educational value of the games makes this activity truly worth your time while you are touring Epcot. It’s not every day when you can be entertained by wolves and piggy banks while they also untangle and simplify concepts from the complex world of finance.


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I'm a lifetime Disney Parks fan who recently (and coincidentally) found herself relocated to Central Florida. These are our adventures visiting the many attractions and exhibits that are all too easy to overlook in favor of the headliner and super-headliner attractions.
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