Performers: The JAMMitors

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t hear more from other Disney fans about the JAMMitors, a very entertaining percussion group that performs several times a day at Epcot. Their shows take place just inside Future World West and Future World East, so they’re not hard to find. They always draw a decent crowd once they’re out there working hard to entertain us in the sun, but I don’t see them mentioned online among Disney fans very much.

The JAMMitors

The JAMMitors

The JAMMitors roam Future World wearing the guise of a member of the custodial staff, but they won’t be using the trash cans and buckets they’re toting to clean up the park. Once they set up their impromptu-style instruments and pull drum sticks out of their back pockets, find a good place to stand, because you’re in for a treat!

You can also find the JAMMitors participating in the festivals of Epcot. During the Flower and Garden festival, they get a gardener-style makeover, complete with new duds and shovels to replace the plungers that usually hold up their drums.

The JAMMitors as seen during the Flower and Garden Festival

The JAMMitors as seen during the Flower and Garden Festival

During the Food and Wine Festival, the JAMMitors turn into the JAMMin’ Chefs, and a wide new variety of cooking-related stuff has been added to their arsenal.

The JAMMin' Chefs

The JAMMin' Chefs

As much as my husband and I both really like to watch the show, we often use the JAMMitors show as a place for one of us to stay with our daughter while the other adult makes a run for fastpasses for one of the Epcot headliners. For one thing, I know it makes me move quicker to get to the fastpass machines and back, because I want to get back and catch the end of the show! It makes the wait a lot more fun for the non-runners, and as long as you get back before the show is over, it sure is easy to find the rest of your party when you can follow the sounds of the show back to them.

Jammin' Junior JAMMitor sticker

Jammin' Junior JAMMitor sticker

If you’re very lucky, at the end of the show, the youngsters may be inducted into the group as Junior JAMMitors. They can remember this honor (when it is bestowed) with this sticker that the guys in the group hand out.

So if you’ve never seen this group play, check them out on your next trip to Epcot. You can find their show times in the Times Guide available in multiple locations around the park. (Or just follow the siren call of drum sticks on trash cans!)


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