Events: Club 626

Club 626 stage

Club 626 stage

Club 626 is a nightly dance party on the Tomorrowland stage that’s thrown by Stitch. Stitch has hired a DJ to help him out and keep the music coming, but he usually appears once or twice during the show. Chip and Dale (in their Tomorrowland outfits) are often spotted here, too.

We’ve been in the Magic Kingdom a fair bit lately and we do tend to spend a sizeable chunk of that time in Tomorrowland. Though Club 626 is pretty impossible to miss with its pounding music and enthusiastic DJ, we’ve still mostly steered around the crowd on our way to something else. Last night, though, we stopped for about half a dozen songs and it was well worth the time spent there. I found myself wondering why we hadn’t stopped to enjoy at least one song there on our recent Magic Kingdom visits.

The crowd enjoying the party at Club 626

The crowd enjoying the party at Club 626

Seeing Chip and Dale join the crowd and start dancing was what brought us across Tomorrowland to join the rest of the crowd enjoying Stitch’s hospitality. My daughter really loves to spend time around the characters and she was very excited to dance near these two guys. The DJ put on song after song of high-energy music and led us in various dances. Everyone I saw around me had a huge smile on their face. No one seemed to be worried about looking silly out there, dancing in front of everyone in Tomorrowland. Kids milled around Chip and Dale as the two chipmunks worked the crowd and people were laughing and singing along as we all tried to learn the steps.

Dale's self portrait

Dale's self portrait

I joined in a few songs before I got out my camera and took a few pictures. This seemed to be quite interesting to Dale, who came over and gave my camera a thorough once-over. I thought he wanted me to take his picture so I started to adjust my camera and step back, but he had another idea in mind! He wanted to learn about the camera, so he had me hold my arms up and point the camera at him. Then he reached out and pressed the shutter release to take his own picture. I showed him the image preview and he danced around for a second, just delighted with his handiwork. My daughter giggled the entire time. So thank you, Dale, for letting me help you take your self-portrait. I think it came out really well.

I should add, while I’m at it, that Dale has other talents apart from photography. Just look at this video I took of him getting down. That is a chipmunk with some moves.


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