Performers: Tam Tam’s of Congo

Tam Tam's of Congo

Tam Tam's of Congo

If you’ve never seen Tam Tam’s of Congo perform, you should definitely watch one of their shows the next time you are at WDW. They perform in the outdoor seating area just outside of Tusker House in Animal Kingdom’s Africa area. Their show features the music of West Africa and is about 15 minutes in length. Check the times guide handout inside the park the next time you are at Animal Kingdom to find that day’s showtimes.

I should also mention that the show also features a few people who get plucked from the audience to participate in the show. Please don’t let the possibility that you will be chosen from the audience keep you from the show! I have seen the show many times and I have only been brought up to participate one time.

Here’s a little preview of what you will see at their show:

I spoke to one of the performers after their show recently and asked him if there was something unique he could tell me about their music. He told me about the rhythms and patterns within the music, and how each one of them has a meaning that would be understood by people living in West Africa. There are rhythms you might play at a celebration and others you would play to lift someone’s spirits. In the musical traditions of Congo, the music quite literally speaks to you and has deep meanings woven through it.

This really is a show you shouldn’t miss. Stop by and see them the next time you’re there!


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