Performers: Yehaa Bob

Our picture with Yehaa Bob

Our picture with Yehaa Bob

Yehaa Bob performs his comedy/music show on select nights at Port Orleans Riverside’s River Roost bar area. The bar is in the main hotel building, not far from the hotel’s front desk and check-in area. You can see when he’s scheduled to be there by checking the calendar on his website. (Hover over the color-coded bars on the calendar to see details for each event. If you check the site with your mobile phone and can’t hover over to see the details, his Riverside nights are the light blue bars, and his start time is nearly always 8:30 pm.)

I’ve known about Bob’s show for a while, but even though I’ve stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, we’d never been to the show until this past Saturday night. After leaving Animal Kingdom at around 6:30 pm, we were looking for something else to enjoy at Walt Disney World before heading home. We initially tried to go to Downtown Disney, but after driving around in the parking lot for 25 minutes trying to snag a parking place on the Marketplace side, I remembered that Port Orleans Riverside was just around the corner and that Bob might be playing that night, so we drove over to check it out. He was indeed playing, we had a great time at the show, and now I wish we’d gone a long time ago. We’ll definitely be back to see him again soon.

Our personalized handsome photo of Bob

Our personalized handsome photo of Bob

His show is a mixture of comedy and music, with lots of chances to sing along or get involved in the show in other ways. There are some running gags that I won’t ruin, but they get better and funnier as the night goes on and more and more people join in on them. He plays a wide variety of music and will keep you laughing and entertained through each song. We took our five year old daughter (children are allowed in the River Roost bar area) and she was just as entertained as we were even though she wasn’t as familiar with the songs and sing-along parts as my husband and I were.

When the show is over (the show we saw started at 8:30 pm and wrapped up around 10:00 pm) Bob invited people up to the stage to take a photo with him. You could also get a “handsome picture” (8×10 of his publicity shot) that he would autograph for each group.

If you want to see the show, I recommend that you verify his schedule at his website (he does not play at Riverside every night) and that you arrive early to get a table in the smallish bar seating area. (We arrived around 7:40 pm and there were still a few tables left.) There is a small menu at River Roost, but after ordering some drinks, we were assured by our server that it would be okay bring back some dinner from the nearby counter service location, The Riverside Mill, and eat it in the bar. Many people tipped Bob at the end of the show ($5 seemed to be the most common amount) and after having such a great time, we were happy to add our tip to the pile as well. It is not mandatory, though, and the show itself is free.

If you are staying at the Walt Disney World resort and you’re using Disney transportation, there are a few ways to navigate through the system to and from Port Orleans Riverside. If you’re starting out from your resort, you can take a bus to any theme park or Downtown Disney, and then transfer to a Port Orleans Riverside bus. If you’re starting from a theme park, just hop on the bus headed for Port Orleans Riverside from there. There is also a water taxi system that stops at Downtown Disney, both Port Orleans resorts, Old Key West, and Saratoga Springs, so if you are starting out in one of those places, you can use the water taxi to reach Riverside. To get back to your resort at the end of the night, take the bus (or water taxi, if they’re still running) to Downtown Disney and then transfer to a bus going to your resort. Buses at Downtown Disney usually run quite late into the evening, so you should be able to use it as a transfer point after the show.

Here’s a short video clip from the night we were there to give you a taste of the show. You can find many other clips of Bob on his website and on YouTube, but try not to spoil the show too much for yourself before you go.


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