Games: Where’s the Fire at Epcot’s Innoventions West

Where's the Fire title screen

Where's the Fire title screen

You may have guessed that we tend to enjoy the interactive games available inside both sides of Innoventions at Epcot. Where’s the Fire?, presented by Liberty Mutual, is no exception. It’s actually one of my daughter’s favorites among the Innoventions games. You can find this particular game inside Innoventions West, near the large fire engine. The game can accommodate a pretty large crowd, but on light traffic days, the cast members will usually go ahead and start the game as soon as there are at least two groups of people who want to play.

Game controllers

Game controllers

When it’s your turn to play, your smaller team (or by yourself, if you’re feeling like taking on the challenge on your own) will be assigned to one of two larger teams, the Searchwells or the Findmores. After that, the cast member hosts will go over the instructions with you. When everyone’s clear on how to play, you are each given a super-cool game controller, which looks and operates a lot like a big flashlight (picture to the right) and each group reports to the rooms they have been assigned to start in.

Game screen

Game screen

The game consists of several rounds, each round taking place in one room inside a typical house. The game screen will look a lot like the example screen to the left. You are looking for fire hazards inside the room, things like frayed electrical cords, flammable items too close to a heat source, or open flames in unsafe areas. Using your game controller, you’ll point at things the room. Read the captions, talk about it among your group, and decide if it is a fire hazard or not. If it is, point your controllers at the item together and press the button on the controller’s handle. You’ll get points and work toward unlocking things like bonus rounds, which are awarded for finding all the hazards inside the room before the time limit is up. But be careful! There are some items you’ll find in the rooms that are not fire hazards, and you will lose points if your team clicks together on one of those.

You’ll go through several rounds, being directed to a new room at the end of each round. At the end of the game, everyone gathers back at the entrance and the team with the highest point total gets to have a little celebration. This is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about fire safety without making their little eyes glaze over, since the glitz of the gameplay will make it entertaining.

Check it out the next time you need a respite from the heat (or rain!) inside Epcot’s Innoventions, and if you want to brush up on more fire safety tips after you return home, Liberty Mutual has a Be Fire Smart website you can visit. Show the Innoventions sponsors some love so they know we appreciate the exhibits they support!


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