Links: The DisMarks 40th Blog Carnival

The online Disney community site DisMarks has released their 40th blog carnival post, which I am happy to be a part of. There are a lot of great blog posts listed in this carnival, from dining info and general Disney news to product reviews and posts highlighting features of Disney resorts. Take a swing by and see what articles catch your eye!


About Kathy

I'm a lifetime Disney Parks fan who recently (and coincidentally) found herself relocated to Central Florida. These are our adventures visiting the many attractions and exhibits that are all too easy to overlook in favor of the headliner and super-headliner attractions.
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One Response to Links: The DisMarks 40th Blog Carnival

  1. “We’ve been accumulation overwhelming engineers by a fussy clip so far, but we were by a place everywhere we weren’t able to innovate for example fast for example we wanted to.
    I allowed my silliness and quirkiness to show and I began to attract loyal followers
    who appreciated that silliness and quirkiness.
    I even mess around with Garage – Band here and there to get some Frank Ocean vibes moving.

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