Saying Goodbye: Test Track Closing for Major Changes

Test Track (Barrier Test)

Test Track (Barrier Test)

Update, 4/16/2012: Test Track did, indeed, close today to begin its transformation into its next incarnation. No confirmed date for the unveiling of its replacement, but the most reliable reports seem to point to something in the vicinity of Fall 2012. If you’re a glass half full sort of person, you’re probably thinking, “September”. If you’re a glass half empty sort of person, you’re probably thinking more of early November. Hopefully we’ll see it sooner rather than later, and I will update this post when anything official starts floating around.

And now, the original post:

Well, word on the street (okay, on the Times Guide) says that today, 4/15/2012, was the last day Test Track was supposed to be open before it closes for a major overhaul. Never mind that the official Walt Disney World website contradicts their own park Times Guide and is listing the close date for June 1, the rest of the Disney blogosphere seems to be united in believing the Times Guide over the website, and I tend to agree.

We headed out to Epcot earlier today to get a couple last trips in on Test Track, and I have to say I had a little lump in my throat saying goodbye to my old buddy, Bill McKim, at the conclusion the pre-show video.

I rolled a little video during our very last trip on the ride. Here it is. Videos are now our only way of remembering what this version of the attraction was all about. Hopefully its successor will bring us all as much fun and excitement as this one did. (Test Track, we hardly knew ye.)


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