Weird/Offbeat Photo Ops: Aladdin and Jasmine’s “Rainout” Room

Indoor backdrop in the Morocco pavilion shops

Indoor backdrop in the Morocco pavilion shops

In Epcot, Aladdin and Jasmine usually do their meet and greets outside the Morocco pavilion in the World Showcase, by the railing at the edge of the water. However, when there’s inclement weather, there’s a room near the back of the pavilion where the meet and greet is moved to. There’s a neat backdrop there (pictured to the left). It sure is a shame to let the room go to waste when the weather is good and Aladdin and Jasmine meet outside.

Well, it doesn’t have to go to waste. I’ve noticed that the room is usually kept open when it’s not in use. It serves as a good pass-through from the Restaurant Marrakesh into the pavilion shops, so perhaps this is why the doors are usually kept open. If you’re looking for another good backdrop (though, the breathtaking tile work in the main areas of the Morocco pavilion also makes for a good photo background) then stroll back to the room and see if it’s open. This would be an especially great backdrop to use if you have a child dressed up as Jasmine for the day! (Obviously you can’t take a solo picture if Aladdin and Jasmine are meeting there because of bad weather, but you could always queue up for their meet and greet at that point.)

You’ll find the area near the back right (if you are facing toward the pavilion from the main walkway) side of the area, kind of tucked between the shop where the Morocco Kidcot station is and the open area outside the entrance to Restaurant Marrakesh. Here is a photo where you can see the open door leading to the backdrop (middle right) and also the Kidcot station in the background, which will hopefully help you find it:

Doorway to the backdrop area in context inside the Morocco pavilion

Doorway to the backdrop area in context inside the Morocco pavilion


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